The White Room Spa, Hidden Haven?


We resonate the colour white with calm and serene, sanctuary of peace and tranquility even – and that’s exactly what you will find at the White Room Spa. I popped down to their JLT branch over the weekend for some much needed pampering after a night of frivolous activities – do not ask me and I shall not lie!

I reached 10 minutes late as the building entrance is under construction and since I am blessed with the world’s worst sense of direction, I couldn’t for the love of God figure out how to reach the spa until some residents helped me out!

My one hour Aromatherapy massage started as soon as I arrived – my masseuse worked around my body as if she was reading my mind! Don’t you absolutely love it when that happens – and trust me I have had my share or worst in Dubai!

Although I wish the room wasn’t cold but there was nothing that could be done as the room didn’t have its own air con – but then again I do feel cold(er) compared to normal human beings gah!

I also got a blow dry after my massage – just seemed like the right thing to do ha! Best part? The blow dry costs only AED 65 irrespective of the length of your hair! Where do you get that in Dubai anymore – abs perfect for me as I hate washing my own hair! Don’t get me wrong¬†but when you have hair like mine – nothing short of an afro in the humidity – it really takes a while to wash them down!

The White Room Spa is just the place for quick and easily accessible services for hair, nails, body and skin. Check out their full menu of treatments here

In total, the spa has three branches – JLT, Motor City and the Marina Plaza!


The White Room Spa 1

The White Room Spa 2

The White Room Spa 3

The White Room Spa 4

The White Room

Hair at The White Room

The White Room Spa



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