The Luxury Closet X MY PR Diaries


When the team at ask you to pick the latest street style trends from their online shop and better yet wear them, you don’t really say No now do you!

Although I select fashion products for journalists / bloggers on a daily basis from Namshi, it is definitely waaaay more fun when you are selecting for yourself baha!

In case you are not familiar, The Luxury Closet is exactly what the name represents – a haven of luxury for your wardrobe! They are one of the leading online stores for buying and selling authentic luxury items. And since my first concern is always quality, I was genuinely surprised at how perfectly intact the quality of every item was during the shoot. Why wait to save for that Hermes that I have always wanted in my life yaaaaaaaas! Happy days!

Btw, don’t miss out on my style piece on The Luxury Closet here and here’s a direct link to my Edit


Mr PR diaries 1

My PR Diaries 2

My pr diaries 3





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