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THE INSIDER: Five things every fashion brand looks for on your Instagram!


THE INSIDER: Five things every fashion brand looks for on your Instagram!

From curating global social strategies for world renowned brands such as Asos & Bloomingdales, our Guest Ed this week is none other than Namshi’s very own Social Media Manager and a personal friend! In this piece, Sabriya Hamid shares with us insider secrets on how to climb up the ranks for every fashion brand’s ‘Top Ten’ radar a.k.a BTS version of what we discuss while sipping on morning, afternoon and evening coffees at the Namshi cafe! Jokessssss!!

Full Name

Sabriya Hamid

Title & Company 

Social Media Manager,

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m originally from the UK and have lived in Dubai for just over a year. I work for Namshi as the Social Media Manager and back in the UK, I worked for ASOS as their Community Manager which was largely based around creating an ‘influencer’ community for them. I brunch nearly every Friday and regret it nearly every Saturday.

Can you tell us five things every fashion brand looks for in an Instagram feed?

  1. Be consistent! The first thing we check when we’re searching for a content creator to partner with is who they’ve worked with in the past. Brands are always looking for authentic and loyal partnerships so if you’re talking about a fast food chain one moment, an electronics brand the next, beauty the next etc it can seem inconsistent. Chose your niche and stick with it – it pays off!
  2. Be real. ASOS and Namshi have a similar stance when it comes to content in general, it needs to be young, fun and not too try-hard. Therefore, we want to work with people who have the same approach to content and life in general. Not every image needs to be immaculately edited or shot like a magazine. I love seeing a real life and not just an Instagram facade.
  3. Engagement. A word of advice: do not buy followers, likes or shares. It isn’t worth it and yes we check! We’re not always looking for people with the biggest following. We’d much prefer to work with someone with 1,000 followers who is already a fan of Namshi and has fun with their social accounts than someone with 100,000 who is clearly just in it for the numbers.
  4. Captions. Yes, I read the captions! This is personal to me, but I love funny/I-don’t-take-myself-too-seriously captions. It adds to the realness and gives the brand an idea of your personality.
  5. Network/Engage! Collaborate with other Instagrammers, speak about your friends, tag them in your pictures. A lot of the time when I’m looking for new faces, I’ll check friends/colleagues of people we already work with, especially if we’re looking for a few people for one project. We want you to work with your friends, we know you’re comfortable with each other and therefore your content will be better. Plus (again, personal opinion) feeds can become a little boring if it’s one person in every single image.

Standard social faux pas? 

A standard social faux pas for me is copying your fave blogger/Instagrammer and producing a near identical feed. It’s totally cool to take inspiration from someone that you admire, but put your own personal spin on things. If you’re doing exactly the same thing as someone else, brands will normally notice.

Personal social faux pas?

I actually try not to use Instagram or my social channels in the way that I use them at work so my Instagram is pretty lazy – pictures of my mum, friends and favorite brunches! I spend a lot of time during the week working on strategy and content calendars from a brand perspective which is enough for me. There are plenty of individuals in the market creating beautiful, fun content that I’m happy to sit back and appreciate!

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