Spice Klub Dubai, Indian restaurant with a twist


Spice Klub Dubai, Indian restaurant with a twist

Spice Klub is Old Dubai’s best kept secret (well not so secret anymore) but the restaurant has been open for a year and this was my proper first visit to celebrate my mum’s birthday!¬†Affordable molecular cuisine which is going to knock your socks off and has got the concept absolutely right without compromising the original flavours! The winner for me was the fact that the menu caters to a lot of different diets – vegan, gluten free and Jain. Possibly the only Indian restaurant in Old Dubai that offers gluten free options in their menu (brownie points!) too!

Vibes – Colorful interiors but a calming sense of atmosphere (not exactly your regular fine dining but just as the menu, the decor is creative as well)

Menu –¬†There are some absolute must haves and I took the courtesy of listing them down – you can thank me later x

  • Pav Bhaji Fondue – Such a creative concept inspired from the cheese fondue and one of the signature appetizers
  • Galouti Kababs – I had this the first time I had gone for a visit and the even though I didn’t have it this time, the taste has still stayed with me
  • Dal Tabila – BEST DAL I have had in Dubai – kid you not! This is the Chef’s specialty and is a mix of three different dals
  • Paneer Tikka Masala – Absolute MUST. The gravy is created to perfection – just the right mix of spices and flavours
  • Bubbling Kulfi – this is Indian Kulfi broken down into rocks and served with multiple toppings such as salted caramel, rabdi, chocolate sauce, berry compote (for dessert)
  • Coconut Water – for the presentation
  • KalaKhatta Mojito – reminded me of the actual gola in Mumbai
  • Mango on the Rocks – again for the presentation (created from liquid nitrogen) and absolutely delicious

Price – Approx AED 300 for a group of 4!

Location – Mankhool Dubai, book through the Zomato app for convenience




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