New Fitness HUB in Dubai by PUMA & Guavapass: ROAR by PUMAwomen


If you are on Guavapass (or not), PUMA Middle East launches ROAR by #PUMAWomen in collab with Guavapass: a women’s only community hub in Dubai’s Design District from April – May 2017.

ROAR is more than a space, more than a club and more than a get-together. ROAR is an idea, a celebration, and a concept that can grow, adapt and change to reflect the needs of its members: an ever-evolving place with an active agenda for the mind, body and soul. Umm did I mention that the HUB is TOTALLY Insta-worthy!?

ROAR will offer a programme of workouts activated through GuavaPass, as well as daily drink and dining options and weekly lunchtime beauty services. Click here for more details or to book.

ROAR will be offering workouts on Monday and Wednesday evenings and over the weekend. Scheduled through GuavaPass, the workouts will be innovative and new, from hip hop yoga to rave aerobics giving PUMA Women a chance to try out activities that get the heart racing – all perfect options to do with your pack of girlfriends on a weekend or as a calorie buster after a day at your desk.

How sick is the photography btw? By Hyku D Photography


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