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Gluten free, vegan dubai – New finds!


Gluten free, vegan Dubai – The only thing that makes me happy apart from finding out that I am going on a holiday or a staycation or a vino night out with the girls or a Fendi clutch – okay let’s just stick to ONE OF THE things that make me happy – is food! Especially food that caters to my diet (as the title suggests!) and it’s not been easy. I will not lie I am also a fussy eater, I live to eat not the other way around. I am already thinking about my next meal before even finishing my current meal so rest assured each of the below have succeeded in satisfying my taste buds!

SKYE&WALKER – Located at the most random location (Marriott Executive Hotel Apartments, Deira), this cafe served one of the best Avocado toast I have ever eaten! Also try the Quinoa porridge, Quinoa and white Bean Pita Pocket, Strawberry and Coconut water, Pomegranate Lemonade (absolutely delish!). Guilt free and nutritious – what else do ya need!

Skye & Walker

MIX&MUSELI– I love museli for daily breakfast but there are very very limited places that actually sell gluten free museli. This is the first and only online shop that actually allows you to make your own museli online – it is actually super fun mixing and matching all the ingredients, something like putting together a gift for yourself ha!

Mix & Museli

COMPTOIR102 – If you haven’t been to this heart warming cafe yet, then you need to make your way down asap rocky! Firstly, this cafe is super close to my heart because I had done the PR for it when it launched a few years ago (before my time at Namshi) and I remember walking into the store, and I just didn’t want to leave. I felt like I had stepped into one of those street cafes in Paris! The owners are two Parisian girls who wanted to created a concept store and a healthy haven that is not easily available in Dubai and true to its word, they went ahead and achieved it and even more! The best part is EVERYTHING on the menu (or close to everything) is gluten free and vegan. My favs include: Buckwheat pancakes with green eggs and avocado, Creme budwig, Chia Seed Pudding, Seaweed Pesto, AND this cafe is a smoothie and juice paradise! I can’t list one as you’ve got to try them all!

Comptoir 102

Coco Yogo – REVOLUTIONARY! I don’t need to eliminate ice cream or cakes anymore yaaaaas! My biggest weakness and to think I had to give it all up until I came across this amazing online store where everything is created from coconut base – since the founder is vegan. From cheesecakes to ice cream cakes to chocolate to truffles to energy balls to mini macaroons! Yes, Yes and YESSSSSS!


SMOOTHIEBOMBS – Something else that has been popping up everywhere and I had to try the Smoothie Bombs – I am a sucker for smoothies! You want something healthy and don’t have the time for it, just pop in an order for that wholesome nutritious goodness in one bottle! They are not easily available everywhere but you can find them at Detox Delight, The Body Company and Greenheart Organic Farms

Smoothie Bombs



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