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INDUSTRY INSIDER: Dubai’s Top Style Editor Tells Us What Journalists Desire From UAE PR Pros


With a style to kill for, contagious personality and a serious addiction to Ibiza, our very first Guest Ed is none other than UAE’s most iconic trendsetter, Carmel Gill, Style Editor for Emirates Woman. For the first time ever, Carmel gives us the low down and insider tips that will have every UAE PR winning the industry journos all the way!

Full Name

Carmel Gill

Title & Company

Style Editor, Emirates Woman

Tell us a little about yourself

Originally from the Yorkshire countryside,UK. Lived in Dubai for almost 4 years with my fiancé, daughter and dog and another one on the way. I love shoes, pop art and living by the beach.

Can you tell us five things that journalists desire from UAE PR pros

  1. It’s always great to get an email response even if you don’t have the answer right there and then, as us journalists don’t have time to chase.  Emailing two weeks later and the request will have probably been given to another brand.
  2. When sending press releases its great to see the low-res images in email attachments. This saves time having to download a link of high-res to find the images won’t work.
  3. When working on a monthly it’s always great to receive info and press releases 2 months ahead of time, otherwise the deadlines will have been missed. Sending July products in July when the mag has already hits the newsstands is never going to get featured.
  4. We ALL want exclusives! Offering a story/feature/image that’s already been offered to every other mag loses its appeal. Be selective.
  5. Please don’t whatsapp or call personal phones out of work hours, that goes for sending an invitation via email to call 5 minutes later and ask if we are attending. We probably haven’t even seen the email yet.

Your most funniest UAE PR moment!

Chasing an Alexander McQueen gown around Dubai with a PR, we managed to get it to the shoot in the end, shot it and it was worth the drama!

Instagram @carmel__carmel


Carmel Gill, Emirates Woman


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