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Guavapass Dubai: If you haven’t registered yet, you absolutely have been sleeping under a rock! I clearly was lol…until about two months ago. If you aren’t familiar with the concept – GuavaPass is a monthly membership with access to the best fitness classes and healthy living communities in Dubai. You pay a standard fee every month for the membership, and you can find, book and enjoy premium classes at the top fitness studios in your city (such a steal!) Oh and of course don’t forget to use ‘bijalsguavas’ to get a 30% off your first month!

There are literally over 500 options everyday but here are some of the best (and some of my fav):

A-tone fitness lounge: Located in Business Bay, this is a really cute studio with white brick walls co-founded by Bollywood celebrity fitness trainer, Yasmin Karichiwala. The studio offers pilates, swing yoga and cross cuit (which is a combination of cross fit with elements of body circuit) which is a MUST TRY! They also serve protein cookies and shakes!

Inspire ME Yoga & Fitness: A heartwarming studio located in Al Manara, this one offers classes from Hot Yoga to Warm Core & Sculpture to Swing Yoga and the list goes on. Since I am on auto pilot with Bikram, I thought there wouldn’t really be much of a difference when I tried their Hot Yoga Express (60 minutes)…errr I was completely wrong! The Express yoga combines Hot A, B & C into express sequences to tone, detoxify and release tension. I felt like I had climbed a mountain three times and come back! Love it!

Mojo Pilates: Located in Media City, I have been to this studio previously as well but it was my first time to try the Cardio Reformer through Guava. And I totally wasn’t prepared for it ha! Reformer Pilates are way more fun than mat Pilates because you are constantly working the machines but be prepared for multiple levels of Cardio!

Milan Pole Dance Studio: Located in JLT, this is one of the most challenging but super addictive workouts I have done in a really long time – Hammock Yoga! There are no beginner or intermediate levels so you will end up looking a bit lost in your first class because 98% of them move like their bodies are made of clay. And then there was me struggling to climb back up after I was hanging upside down – oh that really took a while lol because you are only using core and arm strength (also be prepped for sore arms the next day). The studio also offers pole dances (obviously) and aerial + hoop yoga.

Physique 57: Located in City Walk, this is by far the toughest barre workout in Dubai! It was painful getting through the class because I am not exactly errr a ‘pulse-r’. I thought Flywheel was a challenge but that felt like a breeze compared to Physique 57. The concept was founded in New York with more studios in LA, Bangkok and now Dubai. You are using your body weight as resistance and so it targets all the muscles in your arms, thighs, seat and abs to the point of fatigue and then stretches them for relief. It’s not easy but that’s exactly why it works.

Rawr Yoga: With so many Bikram studios opening up everywhere, Rawr still remains one of my favorite. The bright, clean and uplifting studio space sets the mood right as soon as you step in. They offer Express classes which means you are still getting all the benefits but within 60 minutes instead of 90. Located in Media City, this studio has some really good instructors and that makes a world of a difference.

Watch this space for the series II classes! Coming soon!



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