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Bioderma GlamBox May 2015

I am sure everyone has heard of Glambox! If you haven’t…err time to wake up from your hibernation maybe? I was super excited to find out they have partnered up with one of my all time favorite Bioderma for the summer months! If there is one thing I do not leave my home without…well apart from my wallet, lip balm, keys, sunglasses, hand cream, blotting sheets (um it really gets hot in Dubai), business cards, a diary, a pen, a granola bar (I eat more than I look like I eat), mini deo, lens solution, and mints…wow that really went on ha! So what I was really trying to say is that I absolutely can’t survive without my Bioderma Photoderm sunblock which is tinted (how fabulous is that especially for tanned skin tones!) and with a 50SPF. Best part is that it is completely water based, which is fantastic for T-(war)zone faces like mine because it does not leave any oily residue after application. 

As the first independent dermatological laboratory whose derma-cosmetic products are among the most frequently prescribed by dermatologists, Bioderma knows all about every skin concern. So, cleanse, protect, hydrate, and moisturise all summer long with the most essential and compact travel kit ever. Bring on the beach!

The Bioderma GlamBox included:

* The Travel Pouch

* Bioderma | UV Bracelet

* Bioderma | Photoderm Max Fluid SPF 100+ (Face) 

* Bioderma | Sensibio H2O MakeUp Remover

* Bioderma | Sébium Global 

* Bioderma | Sébium Gel Moussant Purifying Foaming Gel 

* Bioderma | Photoderm Max Aquafluide teinté SPF 50+

* Bioderma | Eye Contour Gel

In case you are wondering how to become a Glamista – all you need to do is subscribe to GlamBox by purchasing packages of 3, 6, or 12 months from as little as AED 70 per month. So, what are we waiting for again?

xx Bee


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