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I have always wondered what would I be doing if I was not in PR… But to be honest, I simply cannot imagine myself NOT being a PR girl. I live and breathe public relations. It has become a part of me and I honestly love every minute of it! I realised I am pitching even when I am not working and I am guessing that only happens when you are in love with what you do right?!

Which brings me to why people choose to settle and not dive for their dreams and aspirations. What is it that makes anyone want to continue being ordinary and live a monotonous life. I have had friends / colleagues / family telling me about their dreams that start with ‘One day I want to…’ but why not today? How does anyone know if they are going to live that long or even the next day for that matter? The most common response from almost everyone that I have received, is facing failure at attempting to achieve their dreams but where’s the fun if you don’t fall. Where’s the high if you are not challenged…

If there is one thing that my job has taught me (amongst many other crazy things which I will not get into right now) is that it’s never enough! There is no end point, there is no full stop, you just got to keep climbing and THAT is the high. So imagine getting that, experiencing that… everyday of your life! That is the beauty of PR and of course building all the relationships along the way – some that will stay with you forever (Samar / Ulric are you both reading this :*)

I sometimes find it very difficult to connect with people from different non PR backgrounds because we are simply wired in a different way:

– We work under different conditions (imagine the different hormonal cycles in one office since 90% of the industry is female dominated)

– We are multitaskers and find normal very boring (a regular day would be managing a press conference, writing a press release, pitching a feature, running between at least two meetings, attending a networking event and at the end of it all meeting up with your friends because you are a people person and don’t like disappointing anyone!)

– We have no patience but are taught to display a lot of patience and calm

– We never panic in crisis situations because we face that on a daily basis at work (you will always look like you are headed to the spa)

– We are very protective of our own and will form a fishing net around anyone that falls on the ground – metaphorically (which happens quite regularly and on a daily basis, chocolates and vino are also definite saviors. Remember, only girls know how to make their girlfriends feel awesome)

– We never give up on anything and fight until the end to make other people happy (sometimes this can get you into trouble but most times it is worth it)

– We are taught to survive even the most cruelest, ruthless situations (in the true sense, we are gladiators in our heels)

So if you have what it takes to survive in one of the most overwhelming, crazy and highly intoxicating industry, don’t forget to live every moment of it because it doesn’t last forever.



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