Eat Turkish cuisine at Ruya, Dubai Marina


Eat Turkish cuisine at Ruya, Dubai Marina

I felt like I had stepped into one of the restaurants in Legit Turkey when I walked into Ruya a few weeks ago. How had I never been here before – you can feel the culmination of Turkey’s rich history enthused with modern day Turkey from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. The cuisine here explores the quality, diversity and heritage of Anatolia. The beverage menu offers traditional Anatolian grapes and the Turkish national drink, distinctive with anise, with an array of delicious mezzes.

Vibes: Fine dining restaurant with an outdoor terrace overlooking the Marina and expect buzzing lounge vibes as they have amazing happy hours from 5pm – 7pm everyday – order any drink for just AED 25! Sick deal!!

Menu: I have absolute respect for restaurants when they come up so many different menu versions, especially when two of them actually include gluten free and vegetarian. I tried the latter and was so pleasantly surprised at so many different veg Turkish options.

Price: The set menu is priced at AED 250 and the dishes come to your table as and when you finish them. Two can share one set menu

Location: Grosvenor House, Dubai Marina. Book through Eat App for easy convenience!


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