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Dubai City guide: New This Month


Dubai City Guide: Every corner I turn, there is a new fashion label or a cafe or a new fitness studio opening up! Some of my favorite bits around town:

MOTION LADIES FITNESS CENTER – I discovered my glutes for the first time in my life me thinks! The Booty Barre class is a killer but in the right places. I was alright the first half hour and even prided myself in cruising through the class until we hit the Barre part in the second half. Definitely going back to get my ass kicked again (literally)!

ANDOTHERSTORIES – When I told a friend about this brand, her response was are you sure there is no typo?! Hahahaha! Okay fair enough – I myself discovered this brand only about two years ago – the collection is absolutely MENTAL! Andotherstories is a part of the H&M group and the collection is strong, upscale bohemian and minimalistic that tells a new kind of power story! The boutique is opening up in the Fashion Avenue in The Dubai Mall. The price point is on the level of Zara stores – can’t wait!

GUAVAPASS – This time another range of new classes – and they are now open in Abu Dhabi too! Some new classes to try this month:

  • Barre Pilates at Inspire ME Yoga (if you are in the mood for some chilled out stretching)
  • Cardiolates at Piloga (Perfect for getting some cardio time with your Pilates)
  • Pilates Chair at A-tone Fitness Lounge (even better than Reformer if you want an intense version)
  • Spinning at Define Body & Mind (the best spinning I have been to and I am not a fan of spinning)

I’MISOLA – When the Former Director of Kenzo launches a younger line of colorful distinctive prints, color blocks, irregular silhouettes and smart layering! The colour palette is fresh, soft and elegantly subtle combined with bold perfectly contrasting colourways, developed from the authentic circus posters of bygone eras. The boutique is now officially open at City Walk, Phase II.


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