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Summer relaxation, De La Mer Day Spa


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If there is one way to grab my attention ever (apart from food) is Spa time! Nestled in a villa in Jumeirah, De La Mer Day Spa offers relaxing and therapeutic bodywork and natural skin care treatments. The eight treatment rooms offer services that include a real Hammam experience, Hydrotherapy, Dry Floatation, Infrared Sauna, Facials and all types of Body Works massages.

I opted for a 30 minute Citrus Green Tea scrub (Natural vitamin C and green tea’s antioxidants gives your skin a refreshing summer glow) followed by a 60 minute Balinese massage. I don’t usually fancy body scrubs (err.. they hurt – those with sensitive feet will understand!) but my therapist was extremely good at her job and was gently scrubbing away all the dead skin from my body after I pleaded her to go gentle – she even cracked a joke on how she feels that she is only touching my skin but not really doing any scrub work ha!

The treatment room included a shower after which we changed to a different treatment room for the massage – my highlight of the evening! I was asked to select the oils for my massage and off to sleep I went, waking up only when I was asked to turn. I woke up not wanting to leave!!

The scrub and massage is a part of their summer offer available for AED 390 and location map here for easy reference:

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